For Sentimental Reasons

The collection started in the late 90’s with my oldest, was held briefly by the middle child, and then was claimed by the youngest. I still don’t understand how the card game was played, but remember all too well their anticipation of opening the small packs in hopes of finding a “rare”, “foil”, or “holographic” inside. But eventually, as his siblings before, the last outgrew the hobby and the collection found its way to keepsake limbo; being moved from shelf to drawer, then, to closet bin. It came close to the donation pile many times, and even tested its worth on EBay once, but continued to defy reason and remain in our possession.

Something kept us from letting go.

My oldest is in his own place now, but I still have boxes of his things in storage. Most of them are books…fiction, non-fiction, biographies, textbooks; all of which he likes to call “trophies” of what he’s learned from reading them.

I like that idea.

Sure, we have our memories, but there’s something very satisfying about the tangible items that evoke very real emotion from our past; visible things that remind us to celebrate moments of growth and achievement…life’s trophies.

With a goal to downsize, simplify, and declutter, it’s difficult to keep these trophies. There’s no room in the minimalist movement for nostalgia…unless you demand space.

Perhaps that’s why the graduation gown still hangs in the hall even though our youngest received his High School diploma weeks ago…IMG_0846

I’ll most likely tuck it away once he’s safely off to college!

It’s why I filled some wasted space with shelves to house the special books that my children grew up with…img_0878.jpg

I’ll be rightly prepared for grandchildren should they appear!

It’s definitely why I’ve kept my kids’ art work through the years and strive to frame and display them wherever I can…

…much to the dismay of the now grown artists!

My heart desires a balance.

The practical side has no problem tossing out the unnecessary, but the sentimental side knows that memories are needed.

Life’s Trophies ARE necessary.

I recently discovered that a cousin’s young daughter has caught the Pokémon fever. My children’s cherished collection is on its way to her…but I’m keeping the box…I’ll find a use for it somehow, for when it comes to life’s trophies, I can’t let go.

I “gotta catch ‘em all”!


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