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happiness is…

I lay on the floor in Shavasana as our guide told us to go to our “Happy Place”. The irony of finding a happy place while in “Corpse Pose” did not escape me. Still, I spanned my mind for such a destination and settled under a tree in a place from my past. I felt tears welling up behind my closed eyelids and realized that it was a place that actually made me sad. I desperately dug deeper but came up blank. Do I even have a Happy Place?

I have dabbled in Yoga on my own, but this was my first instructed class. You see, I have challenged myself to an attitude of less talk, more do. I’ve dared myself to put away my excuses and do the things I say I wish I could do (without breaking the bank of course!). I discovered our town’s recreation department offers a variety of activities at low or no cost that are hosted at our Senior center, just steps from the library. Double Dare! I could also tackle my list of new books I’d like to read.

Despite my failure to find a Happy Place, I felt pretty positive after Yoga and proceeded to dust off my library card. Once again, I came up blank. None of the books I wanted were readily available. Sure, I could get on a wait list or download an audio copy, but I couldn’t leave emptyhanded.

I began pacing the aisles, browsing the titles-much like I choose a new wine; If I like the label (and it’s in my price range) I will give it a try! And there it was…the label I needed to see…


I love my husband. I cherish my children. I have a family that would walk through fire for me. I have been blessed; of that I am certain. But am I happy?

I’m still working on that.

It’s been a week, and I almost ditched Yoga today to catch up on laundry, but I didn’t. I have not opened that book yet, but the kettle is on and I will today.

Baby steps.

One at a time.

At my own pace.

Now…less talk…more do…

{My list of “Books I’d like to read” has grown to include everything written by author Jennifer Michael Hect!}


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