Slow Growth Has Its Rewards

We live in a time that favors instant gratification.


Rarely does someone choose the arduous path when one of least resistance is readily available.

On Mother’s Day last year, I came home from work to a beautiful orchid, a precious gift from my thoughtful daughter. Months before, my husband and I had decided to “downsize”, and the bloom looked lovely against the freshly painted soft blue walls of our new home.

Optimism abound.

I convinced myself that letting go of the big house and yard would be enough to simplify our life. We would spend less and live more. But we really didn’t change much…just our address. I’ve now come to admit we merely liquidated, and these walls are now painted gray.

But this isn’t a sad ending; it’s just a chapter in our story.

The beauty of my first orchid’s original blooms lasted a long time, although I’ll admit some neglect along the way. It wasn’t until late summer that they began to fade and fall.

Day after day, I passed the barren stems wondering if it would bloom again. Several times I came close to giving up on it, and then I’d drop a couple of ice cubes in the pot and continue on my way.

And so it is.

We are still striving to minimize our expenses without sacrificing comfort. The adjustment from old habits of indulgence to embrace more simple pleasures has been a struggle. The changes so far may be small and seemingly insignificant. Progress will likely be unnoticeable, but we will continue on our way…

My orchid bloomed again today, and it looks lovely against these gray walls.


I am inspired!


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